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Welcome to Sarahsetter Kennels

Thank you to Nancy Whitehead for permitting use of her
photographs in the video. To read more about Nancy and
her current projects visit Sporting Dog Photography.

Sarahsetter Kennels offers the dog owner and hunting dog owner services ranging from pointing dog to upland retriever to obedience training. We offer a variety of breeds trained and/or field ready. Our breeding practices and standards enable us to offer you "Super Puppies". Seminars are now held monthly to help owners in training, understanding and working with their dog. Sarahsetter Kennels has established (through fifteen years of devoted service) proven techniques that has lead to our success.

Team Eukanuba
Please visit the EukSport website and read about Mark on the Team Eukanuba page.
Puppies & Dogs
Seminars & Training
Puppy Sarahsetter Kennels has a variety of hunting dogs available. See Puppies for information on Sarahsetter puppies. See Dogs for information started, finished, or retired dogs.
training Mark Fulmer, the trainer at Sarahsetter Kennels, have long been at the forefront of modern dog training techniques. See Seminars & Training for information on upcoming seminars and available dog training.


Birdie "Birdie is the most amazing birddog I have ever seen. At seven months she out performed preserve dogs so much that the guide put his dogs up."

Jeb Murray


Breeze "Breeze is a bird finding machine in the field. Her nose is remarkable, as is her style and confidence. She also has made the best housedog that I ..." See complete quote.

Andrea Workman
Aiken, South Carolina


Jewel "Jewel is special. Her drive, desire and intensity cannot be matched by any dog."

Dennis Canupp
Walhalla, South Carolina


Champ "I've birdhunted for fifty years and the best dogs I have ever owned came from Mark at Sarahsetter Kennels."

Will Harper
North Augusta, South Carolina


Rocket "I was amazed that my Red Setter puppy (from Sarahsetter Kennels) was ready to go bird hunting when I picked him up at four and a half months old."

Stan Lunsden
Atlanta, Georgia


Ash "I sent [Ash] for additional training to N.D. with a field trial trainer that only runs pointers. He was reluctant to accept him but after about 2 ..." See complete quote.

Bill Connally


Cracker "I was killing birds over him at 4 months old, and by 10 months he was handling woodcocks like a pro. I wish I could take credit for his success, but ..." See complete quote.

Ross Jackson
Madison, Georgia


Pearl "I had [Pearl] on a preserve hunt, unguided, and guide was hunting an area near me with his dogs, I was unaware that he was watching Pearl and me. ..." See complete quote.

Jim Rice
North Carolina


Copper "Copper is already the best quail dog out of 12 dogs at my lease. She really tuned in well. At first she spent some time pointing tweety birds but the ..." See complete quote.

Neal Hawks


Moon "Moon is doing well and continues to improve. She is enthusiastic, bold, has an outstanding nose, hunts well with other dogs and has turned into a ..." See complete quote.

Allen Warrick
Hapmstead, North Carolina


Cappuccino "Cap has brought a lot of joy into our home and we've never seen a funnier imp. He immediatly adjusted to the home life-he curls up on the couch with ..." See complete quote.

Harry and Tina Smiley
Winter Haven, Florida


Roast "Here are a few words to describe this intense, savvy and energetic dog, truly bird finding machine. The first quail I shot in Kansas was retrieved by ..." See complete quote.

Enrique Taboada
Miami, Florida


Pembroke "Pem's inside buddy is a 13 year old Golden, Sab. I am working in the yard with [Pem] everyday. She is extremely smart; Kim says she is smarter than ..." See complete quote.

Bill and Kim Mcguiness
Mobile, Alabama

Big Ben

Big Ben "This is Ben with Shasta the Berneese Mountain Dog puppy. They made friends fast and Ben is really enjoying being a house dog."

John and Laurel Haney


maize ""

Bill Crites
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Grays Sporting Journal Click here to see the August 2006 issue of Gray's Sporting Journal featuring Mark Fulmer and Sarahsetter Red Setters in a photographic journal.
Outdoor Life Intelligent people learn by experience, and wise people learn from the experience of others, which makes Mark Fulmer of Aiken, S.C., the wisest breeder/trainer I've encountered in years. After extensive research, Fulmer adopted the most innovative plans, broadened them with his own ideas and adapted them to the methods of Mother Nature, who, he says, got it right long ago.
Larry Mueller, Outdoor Life
Click links below to read Larry Mueller's June/July & August 2006 articles on Mark.
Part I: 16 Weeks to Superpup
Part II: 16 Weeks to Superpup




Breeder's Seminar

I will host a Breeder's seminar that will include twenty-five years of clicker training experience. The Seminar dates will be April 30- May 1. Circumstances will have me with two litters of puppies for the seminar. I will be able to demonstate what is possible with clicker training with a beginning litter (7 wks) and and an advanced litter (13 wks). The seminar will cover the SPEND program and and how to create a long-term breeding program that continues to evolve with improvement. Come learn how to select breeding stock based on early natural development that will will give you rapid improvement in your breeding programs. Please visit the seminar page for more information


Mark and Sarahsetter kennels now on YouTube, Kirk Driskell of Gun Dog Broker recently interviewed Mark and you can watch at this link -


English Setter puppies from parents featured in the above Video

More info soon or call or info.


Find Sarahsetter Kennels on Facebook

We have established a presence on facebook that is easy to post current photos and video that is available to everyone.


Sarahsetter's Bo is gone


Bo turns Sixteen Today

Bo's sixtenth birthday was celebrated in fine fashion with another Bucket of KFC chicken. Bo is a bit wobbly in the back end but his eyes are full of desire to be my dog. Bo represents the epitome of my breeding program. A natural bird dog that never had a day of formal training in his life. Bo's desire to please is endless. Bo has been a fixture in the office for the last three years.


Bo's Birthday Party- Count Down

This is Bo's fifteenth birthday celebration. Here at Sarahsetter we enjoy our old friends to the end and every dog that makes it to fourteen is treated with de-boned KFC chicken. We hope Bo make's it to June 4th for his sixteenth birhday!


Interesting article: Scents and Sensibility

Check out this article on WebMD, Scents and Sensibility.I found this article while searching for dog scenting articles and thought because it is in human terms it might help provoke everybody's thought processes. My thought processes follow this train of thought everyday as I wonder when a dog sniffs the ground or air. Does he smell something a few minutes ago or yesterday or last week or last month. What is truly amazing is that spot has had a hundred or maybe a thousand different scents and the dog is still able to focus on the one line of scent that has caught his interest. I will never understand until the day comes when a dog speaks to me in English. We can only marvel at their abilities. Finally if Sprout ever talks to me I will tell no one because everybody will think I am crazy!


Good News - Regular Training Rates stay the same

because we are adding a new training rate. We are introducing a new rate for dogs that need rehabilation or training outside of the normal training cycle. A growing portion of my business has become rehabs that have developed problems. The difficulty of training older dogs warrants an increased fee.
Eukanuba ad
Mark was featured as a trainer in an Eukanuba ad.
Click here to see the Eukanuba ad featuring Mark.
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Bass Pro Shop is one of our newest sponsors. Anytime you need to order from Bass Pro Shop online, please use the Bass Pro Shop logo from our website. We receive credit everytime someone orders from this site. Thanks
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